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sfernandez Art (Press & Taller)

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Sandra C. Fernandez

The Northern Triangle

Silkscreen, 22 x 30 in.


Director and owner:

Sandra C. Fernandez

Sandra has been making prints for over 20 years. She printed her work at various University studios where she taught printmaking. In 2013 she purchased a Takash Press for her studio and sfernandez Press &  Taller was founded. When she left academia, sfernandez Art (Press & Taller) was born. She continues to make prints, invite artists to publish at her shop, and teach printmaking workshops to children and adults. 

Sandra's works explore concepts of heritage, gender, and migration.

Sandra is currently the Executive Director of Consejo Grafico Nacional  

Contact Information:


Studio address:

8 Molteg Dr. Parlin, NJ 08859

Telephone number: (512) 293-8813



FB: sfernandezart


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