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Sandra Fernandez Art  (press & taller)


Sandra C. Fernandez

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Sandra has dedicated herself to printmaking for more than 25 years as a practicing artist, a university professor., a curator of exhibitions, and a director of print institutions. Throughout her career, she has produced numerous editions, participated in many portfolio exchanges, and invited various artists to publish editions and carry out collaborative projects (at former teaching institutions and at her studio).   She also teaches workshops utilizing her small traveling press that she brings to different locations reaching out to children and adults.


Sandra is currently the Executive Director of the Consejo Grafico Nacional. (2023)

Sandra C. Fernandez

The Northern Triangle

Silkscreen, 22 x 30 in.


Contact Information:

Studio address:

8 Molteg Dr. Parlin, NJ 08859

Telephone number: (512) 293-8813



FB: sfernandezart

Instagram: @sfernandezart

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