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The Consejo Grafico Nacional is an independent coalition of printmaking workshops/Talleres formed to advance the capacity and legacy of Latino printmakers (inclusive of all Americas) in the United States. Through a combination of collaborative projects, exhibitions, educational outreach and conferences, the Consejo promotes the continuity of critical and cultural activism in Contemporary Art.

CGN Sep 2018

 Annual CGN meeting held in Austin, Texas, 2019

Top row left to right: Poli Marichal, Ramiro Rodriguez, Paloma Obergh, Marcos Dimas, Nitza Tufiño, Lezlie Montoya, Malaquias Montoya, Rene Arceo, Sandra C. Fernandez, Pepe Coronado

bottom row left to right: Juan Fuentes, Michelle Mouton, Betty Avila, Marianne Sadowski, Francesco Siqueiros


2021 Annual Meeting held in Austin-TX.

[The picture was taken in front of Sam Coronados' studio sign.]

Left to right: Jose Arenas, Marianne Sadowski, Sandra C. Fernandez, Michelle Mouton, Pepe Coronado, Malaquias Montoya, Dewey Tafoya, Juan Fuentes, Ramiro Rodriguez, Jonathan Rebolloso, Lezlie Montoya, Gil Cardenas, Marvella Muro. (bottom row): Paloma Obergh. 

Not in the photo but present:  Rene Arceo.



Sandra C. Fernandez

Executive Director


Pepe Coronado  & Rene Arceo

Assistant Directors

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