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Coronado printstudio


Pepe Coronado

Rooted in the philosophy of creating art in the community, the Coronado Printstudio is not only a fine art printmaking studio, but a space where artists can shed boundaries and barriers to engage in open dialogue around history, identity, and important issues of our time. Pepe Coronado, the master printer at the studio, believes that “printmaking, by nature, is a collaborative medium. The power of art motivates the studio to reach and engage diverse institutions and sectors nationally and internationally. The Studio believes that the interconnectivity of diverse artistic disciplines is a necessary catalyst to ripple art into the American social imagination. 

Contact Information:


Studio address: 901 Vargas Rd. Austin, TX 78741

Telephone number: (240) 620-1461



Instagram: @coronadoprintstudio

René de los Santos


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