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Rigoberto A. Gonzales

Cielo Azul

Serie Project


Jill Ramirez

Sam Coronado’s intention for the Serie Project was to create a solid platform that allowed for both established and emerging Latino artists to reach a bigger audience, and in turn, empower their words and creativity to spread to a greater world. With much dedication, Coronado served the Serie Project as Executive Director up until his passing in November 2013. His wife and longtime supporter of the Serie Project, Jill Ramirez, has since then stepped into Coronado’s shoes with a plan to keep his legacy alive.


At the Serie Project, we intend to keep true to Coronado’s vision. Advocating awareness of cultural diversity in our community by advancing the fine art of serigraphy will continue to be our priority. 

Contact Information:


Studio Address: 6603 Felix Ave. Austin, TX 78741 Phone: (512) 385-3591



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