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Pajaro Editions


Juan Fuentes

Los Innocentes-Woodcut 2011 22x16.25.jpg

Pajaro Editions was established in 2007. The studio is located at Juan Fuentes’ home in the Bay View Community of San Francisco. Originally, Fuentes’ goal was to create a space to share with other printmaking artists in the Bay Area and to provide a place to teach others. The studio has created work about various struggles, beginning with posters for the Art of Democracy War and Empire exhibit, held at the Meridian Gallery in 2008. Five Latin American women printed in the studio for an exhibition in Cuzco, Peru in 2009 titled, El Mensaje. Several artists used the studio space to print posters for the Occupy Movement (2011). Recently, Fuentes printed posters for the Standing Rock struggle in North Dakota and a large poster for the Black Lives Matter Movement. He has also been part of several print portfolios and continues to do workshops with community youth and adults. Fuentes’s studio is set up for relief and screenprint, and used for his continual personal development and creativity.  

Contact Information:


Studio address: 1725 Newcomb Avenue,

San Francisco CA 94124

Telephone number: (415) 824-0574



Juan Fuentes

Los innocentes

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